ALIEN DRIVE’s second studio album „GHOSTLAND“ has been officially released on October 1st, 2021.

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„Ghostland“ is about the search for lost love and the lost God. But the opener „Victims on the Broadway“ already foreshadows that there will be no happy ending here.

The album starts with the „Goodbye“ of a female voice, which is immediately smothered by a wall of guitars. It is the voice of a real lost love and a too early ended dream that ALIEN DRIVE are looking for with passionate desperation in the emotional desert of „Ghostland“. A search that presents itself in different forms on the record – sometimes accusatory, sometimes energetic, sometimes hopeful and finally bitter. Strong guitars, melodic vocals – sometimes shallow, sometimes scratchy.

„Will you save us or not?“ the punky song „Gun“ asks the missing God – is there anyone at all, out there? „Dying at Your Door“ is another accusing cry into the yawning void. But the album also deals with its own failures – sometimes in a grungy, disillusioned way („Killerboy“), sometimes in a Britpop-ironic mainer („Sorry Again“).

The album closes with the sober realisation of surrender. A surrender, however, that comes with the Britpop anthem „Mind Erased“ with its head held high, with a healthy pinch of arrogance and the conscious turning away from a world in which ALIEN DRIVE no longer feels at home.

Ghostland Cover Alien Drive

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