ALIEN DRIVE’s debut album „Are You the Enemy?“ has been officially released on October 15, 2015.

It is available in all popular online stores such as iTunes, Spotify etc.

ARE YOUR THE ENEMY?” is characterized by its combination of modern American guitar sounds and catchy melodic vocals. Songs like “Chemical Soul”, “Mainstream Dolls Kill Rock ’n‘ Roll“ or “Velvet Bullets” clearly show their Britpop roots and come with a good load of hedonism. Other songs like the hit single “All These Bitter Days” or “Burning In Your Head” bear a very direct and captivating grungy expression. The musical spectrum of the album is completed by profound, partially dramatic songs like “Lost In The Fire” or “This Disease”, the multilayered track “Scavenge My Life”, as well as the captivating ballad “When They Come”.

Danish producer Boe Larsen (MillFactory NuVenue, Copenhagen) commented as follows: „Alien Drive’s debut album which was presented to me clearly demonstrates that Marco Pirolo is in the international league both in regards to songwriting, performance and production. The British/American inspiration is obvious but his music is a truly refreshing hard-hitting sound to come out of Germany. I will follow this guy closely.

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